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Welcome to my web site, dedicated to the one true love of my life and the only beer I drink - Miller Lite!

Everyone asks the question: Why did I create a website dedicated to my love of Miller Lite?  Too much time on my hands?  An obsession with the blessed and oh so tasty amber liquid that quenches my thirst and helps me relax?  A bad past experience with one of those other so called "Light" beers?  Could this site be a lame attempt to get some free beer and/or swag from the company?  Yes to all might apply here. Doesn't make me a bad person as long as I still love, drink and enjoy Miller Lite!

Ran into music legend MC Hammer at a party following the American Music Awards in LA.  Of course, Hammer OK'd  a photo op with me and my Miller Lite.  Hammer confirmed Miller Lite has a taste that's Too Legit to Quit!


Current Miller Lite Supply*
(updated 5-21-16)

12 - Throwback Cans
9 -  Vortex Bottles


* All beer listed is located in basement fridge.  Due to regular consumption, the supply of Miller Lite  is subject to rapid change.  Unless otherwise noted, all Miller Lite is chilled and ready for immediate use. This site is in no way officially associated with the Miller Brewing company. I'm just a guy who has a love for the product. Enjoy and drink responsibly.

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